Dennis Olsen, CEO of Process Welding ApS, started as a blue-collar worker and worked hard to get to the point where he is today. Having completed his training as a boilermaker at the age of 25, Dennis immediately began working as an international journeyman, first in pipe fitting and later moving on to become a certified welder. After a good 14 years in the field, his passion was unchanged while his experience and network were much broader, so he decided to establish his own business and try his luck as a freelance project manager.

The first year offered many exciting tasks and he was recognised widely for his practical knowledge and good managerial skills.


Dennis founded Process Welding ApS in 2014. Like many others, he started out with a focus on offering small services such as personnel hiring and small-scale plumbing jobs. However, he knew from the beginning of his career that he had more to offer on an international scale. Dennis predicted that Danish business would not be able to compete internationally in the long run because of the continuously rising prices.

“Denmark has always been known for top quality! Unfortunately, we are also known for being the most expensive alternative in terms of international projects, and it is this regrettable situation that I want to change”, says Dennis.

Without hesitation, and with his heart in the right place, Dennis devoted almost an entire year to researching what it would take for Denmark to become able to compete internationally again. During this time, he established a partnership with a factory in Ukraine that later on became a permanent production facility for Process Welding.

Values and set-up

The principle behind Process Welding is to deliver Danish quality at the lowest price possible. The entire set-up has been carefully considered over the years that Process Welding has existed.

The dream

Process Welding is a dream come true for Dennis.

He started out doing small freelance jobs. Later on, he began hiring out personnel for larger projects. Now, the company has grown to a size that makes it possible for Process Welding to manage major-scale contracts for processing facilities. “I’m both proud and honoured that my dream is coming true little by little”, says Dennis.


Dennis is very pleased with the progress that Process Welding has made. However, it is time for the company to expand to better enable the customers to follow the products. Dennis is planning to build a factory near Odense that will become the new HQ, with larger office facilities, larger storage for quality control and more personnel.

In the long run, the dream is to expand with production facilities in several of the countries where Process Welding are/will be carrying out projects. All new facilities, however, will still be managed from the Danish HQ.